Just One

Some Women, Some Cameras, Just One (that's our story, and we're sticking to it) beverage. Shake. Serve with twist of venting, crying, bitching, and laughing-laughing-laughing. Men Welcome. Buy us all the drinks you want, but we still won't sleep with you. Probably.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Knit one. Pearl two.

Well, really, we're crocheting. But since I don't know any clever crochet terms, there you go. This is the 2nd meeting of Hats for Healing. We're making hats for cancer patients. I think there are over 70 so far. With more coming.... Julie and Ellen have taught countless numbers of craft-impaired women to crochet for this project. And it's successful beyond my wildest dreams.

If this isn't a great reason to get the girlz together, what is!?

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Girlz Dinner Night

We started doing a rotating dinner night with a few girls a couple years ago. We all got a little busy and lazy for awhile there, but Diane grabbed the bull by the horns and reinstated Dinner Night last spring.

Tuesday was Girls Night at Kaye & Kristy's place. Hummus, Babaganoush, fresh veggies, and Chicken souvlaki gyros were on the menu.

There was no lack of wine at this shindig either:

Someone drank one too many glasses of that wine, and jumped around the kitchen showing off her slip. There's photographic evidence, but I decided that it could be dangerous to go flashing my her undies all over the internet.

Marcy & Kaye

Zia & Kristy

Di, Me, Kaye

Di in Zia's Goggles

Kristy brought out this carpal tunnel Dyna-ball, that spins and lights up, and did a little dance for us. Zia just happened to have those cool glasses that matched, so she ran to get them out of the car, and...well, here's a mini-clip of what you missed:

Next party 6 weeks from now; my turn to cook. I'm already planning the menu.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Lunch Sessions Part Deux

Here we go again.
But I have to warn, that my editing skills really suck. I couldn't like upload the whole thing in one piece and I had to edit it into two segments...

I also must warn that this video contains the "F" word...No..not Flower...or Flappy..If it's too harsh please let me know...I really wouldn't want to offend anyone...

It slipped..and I don't know how to contain myself...or edit myself for that matter.

To help you understand ...we are on our way to lunch..once again..

Highlights of the video:
-Empress with her cap...
-Empress making comments on a certain someone..."Calin"...
-In the last seconds of the 2nd segment you will see how she runs over a yellow light and almost runs over a poor lady crossing the street...

You can hear me in the background squealing:
"...this is Empress running over a Yellow light..and ...a lady!!! Oh my God, we are gonna get arrested for this video"...

Needless to say, the folks at Mike & Charlie's were having blast with our antics.
Empress didn't let me film inside the joint. She thought I'd look to touristy.

Party Pooper.

Friday, we are having a gal's night out...before Empress leaves to Orlando for a few days...If I can get Vader..aka..My Mom to babysit...we will be sure to leave people trembling in their boots...and will be sure to take pics and video..

Monday, September 25, 2006

Lunch Sessions


It's my first official post on here...So I am sure hoping you will all enjoy.

As some of you may know, I am Mary P. aka Mary Poppins.

Being a single mom doesn't allow much time for girl's night out...but me and Empress aka The Best Friend...have made it a tradition to have our famous "Lunch Sessions"

Let me explain...
We work nearby..we've been friends since 92' and we know all the people who work at all the lunch spots nearby...

In other words...
We create havoc...

Watch...and see what happens when two gals who happen to watch too much Flava' of Love have lunch in our always-not-so-beautiful-Puerto-Rico...

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Nuts to you!

We had a Girl's Night last night. My camera was dead, but I can use pix from another night, to say what I have to say.

One, just ONE of the things I love about the women I choose to hang out with, is that they're NOT a hateful lot.

It's probably my #1 criteria for making friends. I don't care what you do for a living; what you look like, how much you weigh, or what you wear. I don't care your age, or your race, or your marital, educational, or financial status.

But. If you happen to be a woman that wants to sit around making fun of other people, or looking down your nose at them, or gossiping about them...well...hon...you have to go play in somebody else's sandbox.

At our Girl's Nights, we have a nice time.

Other Girls come over and visit:

And yes, we might do this to you:

Or someone might do THIS to you:

Or we might ask you to do this:

And for the most part, we feel like this:

And this:

But we will never.


Look at you like this:

Which is pretty close to the look I got from the woman that sat behind us last night.

Is What Happened Is:

See, you're supposed to throw your peanut shells on the floor at this particular establishment. And we'd accumulated several on the table, and I was trying to surreptitiously sweep them off of the table in little bunches. I was too embarrassed to dump them all at once. I'd wait for people to walk by, then flick a few to the floor.

Only this one time...A woman was walking by, and as she stepped by the table, I give another bunch of shells a fierce swipe.

I hadn't anticipated that she'd stop to let someone by, and I nearly hit her.

Nearly. I didn't hit her, but it was close.

She took one step back, gave me a look like that woman up there from Are You Being Served, and said, icily, "very cute."

I could tell, though, she didn't really mean I was very cute. She didn't mean it at all. What she meant was "die, you mudsucking bitch."


That's not very nice, is it?

So she can't play with us.

Her loss.

So there.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Gull's Night Out.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Jokers wild.

Allow me to introduce Kristin. She's the one in the pink shirt. You know with the wine glass on it. It says "mommy juice" on it. She doesn't look happy, does she? That's because we are taking her for all she's worth. And that's about $4.35.

Seriously, Kristin joined our poker group this month. While we are grateful for another sucker, I mean, player... I am happy to have another friend in the group. So tonight, I introduced her to all the chicks - and they were happy to take her money, I mean, happy to meet her.

We've been playing for three years now. Wow. Has it really been three years? It's my favorite day of the month.

So here's what we ate/drank:

-2 bottles Albarino (white spanish wine)
-1 bottle Red Spanish wine
-3 diet sodas
-6 molasses cookies (Trader Joe's!)
-lots of celery, carrots, mushrooms dipped in jalapeno ranch dressing
-honey pretzel sticks
-a ridiculous amount of candy - tootsie rolls and the like
-cheese and crackers

And there were only six of us.

Frankly, I think I had the majority of the wine and Kristin had the majority of the cookies. So why am I typing and Kristin is standing here laughing? Hmmmm...

I walked away with $1.80 more than I started and she broke even.

Not bad for a Wednesday night.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Honorable Mention

THESE girls know how to party, and I've just added them to list of road trips that we have to make. I'm thinking we should just make a reality show of Girls' Nights. Check out Laurie's blog about their night out, and you'll see why it's a no-brainer idea. Move over, Survivor!

Happy Birthday, Terry! You still got it, girl.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Play ball!

Well, sports fans? It's that time of year again. Little League, fall edition. Yes, you heard it here first. We have spring AND fall baseball leagues. Because it would be just a crying shame to have a season without competition.

We're lucky, actually. My kid's coach is terrific and, though they do try to win, they are all about the fun and teamwork.

So this weekend was the first game. My sister-in-law (and friend) and her partner came out to cheer! Gnightgirl, see my sweatshirt?

Okay, it's not a girls night out - it's an afternoon out. A little poetic license...

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Maryland, revisited

Wendy referred, in the last entry, to folks in her neck of the woods not being quite so chatty as they might be in ours. I second that; when I visited the Baltimore/D.C. area, I was most struck at how little eye contact and "h'lo"ing people did.

WE WON'T HAVE IT!! This guy sat next to us at our Crabnight Extravaganza, and no matter how many jokes we made, we just couldn't crack him. Never ones to take, say, a hint, we kept at it. Here's Lori, giving him a hard time while he's on the phone.

He finished his phone call, kept working at his crabs, without ever looking up, finally said, "You're not from around here, are you?" He succumbed to our wiles after politely asking Lori if she'd ever had crabs before, and she replied, "that's kind of a personal question, don't you think?"

And to verify Wendy's statement that those crabs make a big 'ol mess...well, check out the front of that guy's t-shirt.

Sunday, September 03, 2006


Since reading about Gnightgirl's martini experience, I've had martini-on-the-brain. So when we went to dinner last night at Nick's Fish House with our friends, Melissa and Scott, my hub ordered a gin martini (ewww!) and I ordered a Ketel One version. Melissa (bless her wimpy soul) ordered a Cosmopolitan (her hub had a Makers Mark on the rocks - I love a guy who can drink bourbon!).

The dinner was okay. Not great, but fine. We were chatty with the couple at the next table and our new friend even consented to a photo! I'm feeling more and more like I'd fit in at the hot spots in Champaign, where it appears everyone talks to everyone. Here, in the big unfriendly city, that doesn't really happen so much.

And while we ordered plated food, Muriel and her date ordered steamed crabs, a Maryland favorite. If you've never had them - they are dumped in the center of the table which is covered in paper. You eat them with your hands, a mallet and a knife for help. Huge mess. Incredibly yummy.

But did the night end here? No way! We packed up and went to Bare Bones to hear some blues. The Skyla Burrell Band was playing and we'd all heard how good they were.

And here's some exciting news! Melissa, Kristin and I (and another friend of Melissa's) just got tickets to see Four Bitchin' Babes. I'll be sure to report on that one!