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Friday, February 16, 2007

Lunch Sessions / Post Valentine's

I did not get to spend Valentine's with the second most important woman in my life....no, not Vader....Empress.

So today, to make up for a lost Valentine, she called and asked if I was up for lunch. I had made plans with True, but he canceled and we were free to roam.

To my surprise when Empress rolled up to pick me up at the office, she got out of her car, with 3 Huge Sunflowers in her hand....and two Cards...lovely Handmade ones, with a picture of us both...

You gotta give it to the gal...she got me sunflowers...one of my favorite flowers...she knows better than to get me roses...I'm so not roses.

So we drive about, settle for a quick lunch, but the spot is full. We decided to get out of the parking lot and the lady who takes our ticket says:

"You have to validate this ticket ladies"

Empress quickly cuts her off..

"But..the lot is full...we just drove in..."

"You have to validate the ticket".

She sounded like C3PO's long lost lover.

"But the lot is full, we want to eat but it's full" Empress beginning to lose her temper..

"Well, you should have come earlier".


"Did you hear what this Bitch told us??"

I quickly covered my face with a magazine. I feared for my life.

I guess the C3PO did too, she let us out.

We settled for Ponderosa and Sirloin Steaks....

She tempted me for dessert, but due to my missing sweet tooth, I declined.

It's always nice to have lunch and gossip about women who we loathe and threaten our piece of mind....

And it's always so much better when your best friend who hasn't seen you in a while compliments you:

"Oh my...you look so skinnier...your boobs are even smaller...they no longer protude out of you chest so much!!"

Ah...that's a friend...

Of course there wouldn't be a lunch session without some pics vids...Enjoy!

Me with my sunflowers...and the scenery after lunch...(Empress took one on her cam of the both of us..but she still has to send it via email...)

We wanted to sing a lil' Japanese song for you like her ringtone, but alas, we do not know Japanese, but we can sing mentioning a whole crap load of Japanese Brands for ya'...and it could've fooled anyone....


At 6:06 PM, Blogger Caro said...

So nice to have such a good friend.

I miss that.

At 7:09 AM, Blogger Gnightgirl said...

You guys have such a blast together, I always end up laughing at your movies.


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