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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Party of 4: Girlz E-mail Thread

The names have been changed to protect the innocent...and hairy.


I can't believe what I tweezed off my forehead/eyebrow last night! I plucked out one eyebrow hair that was 2 inches long!! Two inches!! How can I not see a black 2 inch long eyebrow hair? If that's not bad enough, I plucked out a white short hair that was so stiff and hard I could have used for a toothpick! How can my body grow those monstrosities and how can they just appear over night? I feel like my dad. If I start growing ear hairs, will someone please tell me?

I found a 3/4" hair on the tip of my chin the other day. I was on the phone at the time, and said "this wasn't here 1/2 an hour ago!"

You know that mirror you got me for Christmas last year? Well I used to use it a couple of times a month then went to a couple of times a week now I’m at every other day.

I won’t tell you what I plucked the other day from my BOOB!

The other day I seriously thought of using [husband's] nose hair trimmer. I didn’t use it because I thought, “I’m a GIRL for godsake.” Now that’s a great reason isn’t it?!

Works for me! I have pulled a hair or two off my chest. I just pretend that it was a stray hair from my head that got glued on there with hairspray.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Six Nations

On this side of the Atlantic we, as the most civilised of nations on the globe, have established a marvellous little competition called the Six Nations. We get fifteen of our fittest, muscliest men together and pitch them against each other with no form of protection and one object: get the ball over the line. Oh, and no passing forwards either. Keep your American football with your pads and helmets: rugby is the sport of kings! But this blog isn't about sport, it's about parties; and what better reason to party than Ireland (I may look and sound British but I'm Irish underneath) smashing England into the ground with a 43-13 drubbing. Aha ha ha ha ha ha! Aho ho ho ho! And just for good measure: ho ho ho ho ho.
So, Simon I went out to celebrate!

And we all know that a night's not complete without getting in a photo with some random fat rockers; Simon didn't disappoint.

Is that guy licking his ear?