Just One

Some Women, Some Cameras, Just One (that's our story, and we're sticking to it) beverage. Shake. Serve with twist of venting, crying, bitching, and laughing-laughing-laughing. Men Welcome. Buy us all the drinks you want, but we still won't sleep with you. Probably.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Fire 'n Wine Night

Di and I have taken to winding down our weekends with a glass of wine around the firepit. After housework, and yardwork, she having dinner with her grandbabies, and me having taken Mom out shopping, we pull on sweats and pjs, and meet on her deck around 8 in the evening.

This week she made popcorn. When Di makes popcorn, she does it right: Black popcorn, cooked in an old-timey popper, and real butter poured over the top.

Then we sit back, drink our wine, eat the popcorn, and blather away until about 11 or so.

Won't be long before the extra blankie is unnecessary...

Ahhhh....That's Sunday nights, Girls. Grab Just One beverage and a lawn chair, and come on over.