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Monday, June 23, 2008

Big Glasses Night

We J1 bloggers have been slacking, haven't we? Last entry was December, and I KNOW we've been out since then. Tsk tsk.

Well, back to it. Our first "big" Happy Hour(s) of the year was Friday night, with Georgie declaring the theme to be "Big Glasses," and bringing a pair for everyone. Ohhh, how jealous the other girls at the other tables were! One lady tried to buy a pair from us, but we smacked her hands and told her no!

Ok, we're nice; we would have sold them, but they were already designated for other friends to come.

You know how you can get about cutting up and making noise that annoys those at other tables? Well, big glasses are pure magic for making all of those other people just laugh right along with you. You just can't be mad at people with big glasses on!

Lori (the former LA Lori; she has moved back, so we are both IL Lori's now) and I put ours on, grabbed a spare pair, and circled the block to see how many "takers" we could get for a photo op.

We noticed that those much younger than us seemed to think we should just go home and tuck ourselves in for the night, while people "our age" were extremely open to trying on big glasses and getting their photos taken. We even warned them that they'd be bandied about the internet.

Our concensus, then: Folks "our age" have fewer hang ups, and hence, are more fun. After making that decision, we went on home and tucked ourselves in for the night.